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Water pumps, effluent management, frost protection, irrigation, reticulation, soak hole & dairy milking machine specialists

Water is the lifeblood of the rural lifestyle block and commercial agri-business community. Without clean, reliable, efficient and timely water supply, reticulation and irrigation, the agricultural and horticultural backbone of our economy could not prosper as it does. Water is our business. We are proud to have been service providers for this vital ingredient to our local economy in the Bay of Plenty for over 35 years. But we are not stagnating or resting on our laurels and we continue to pursue excellence and advancement in this, our chosen field of endeavour.

Think Water was founded on the guiding philosophy that water is our planet's most precious resource, and their responsibility to clients is to engage with industry to ensure Think Water products and services are world’s best practice in the area of efficient water management.

From irrigation to effluent management, we are your local specialists in the Bay of Plenty.

Think Water Values

  • Personal service / providing solutions not products
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Leaders in water efficiency and water innovation

The Team

Our team in the Bay of Plenty takes a personalised, hands-on approach on every irrigation project. We take the time to understand your specific needs, catering affordable and lasting solutions to your budget and requirements. We can provide water pumps, drainage and design water systems here in the Bay of Plenty.
Judy Cooper
Kim Curtis
Michael Cooper
Peter Wheeler
Thomas Garwood, Angus Clarke & Simon Robinson
The owner

Judy Cooper

Judy bought Industrial & Farm Services way back in 1979. Now with over 30 years in the business she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the task of servicing our customer base which extends across the Bay of Plenty and beyond. She has many farming and orcharding customers, some of whom have been repeat customers since Day 1. It is testament to Judy's honest, ethical and upfront approach in business that many of our customers seem more like friends than business clients.
Judy is keen on fishing but don't get out on her boat as often as she would like to
Managing Director

Kim Curtis

Kim is also in charge of personnel and takes care of all the job invoicing and finalising customer quotes. She is Judy's daughter and, like Mike, has always had an interest in the family business and is a key member of the management team at Think Water. Kim took time off a few years ago to volunteer with YWAM and spent time with her family building new houses in Mexico. Kim, husband Grant, and son Storm are all keen boaties and fishermen. When the weather's right you won't see them for dust as they head for the ol' briney...
Managing Director

Michael Cooper

Mike's main role now is as Managing Director however he is also a skilled Fitter and Welder. As Judy's son he's been involved with Think Water from the very beginning. Mike manages the workshop and is responsible for final layout and fabrication of the big diesel frost protection / irrigation pump units and associated steel piping & framework requirements. As well as tackling specialist stainless steel welding jobs for dairy sheds, Mike can turn his hand to rebuilding or custom fabricating just about anything that is made out of steel. Mike has two young children, a big dog, an avocado orchard and his wife Maree is a successful Kitchen Designer.
Dairy Service & Shallow Bore Specialist

Peter Wheeler

Peter knows everything there is to know about cowshed milking machine equipment. He regularly attends training and refresher courses run by Milfos and the NZ Milking & Pumping Technicians Association.
Peter singlehandedly keeps the Bay's cow sheds milking. He is a craftsman stainless steel welder and a limited-trade electrician. He has put down more shallow, garden irrigation, beach bores at the Mount and Papamoa than he's had hot dinners.
Pete and his family are all competitive motocross racers and when he's not falling off his motorbike and the sea looks inviting he can be found fishing in his boat just off the fabulous Bay of Plenty coastline. Like just about everyone else who works at Think Water Bay of Plenty...
Field Technician

 SAM VOYCE, steve hunter, CHAD WHEELER, Simon Robinson, Tracey Green


These guys are the backbone of the company. Lifting submersible pumps out of the murky depths of deep well bores is not for the faint-hearted. Man-handling bulldozer piston pumps and cowshed rotary vacuum units requires not only brute strength but also skill, finesse and special equipment. Our guys have been uplifting, fixing and rebuilding these things for years and possess all the tricks, techniques and tools to make it look easy. Try doing these jobs yourself and you'll realise just how difficult things can get! Or call us and get your equipment back up and running sooner and be confident the job has been done right first time.


Earle & Shelagh Bragg, Dairyfarmers, RD9, Te Puke
We have been dealing with Think Water ever since they began business in Te Puke. They have given good service to the rural sector of the district and played a part in the development of the dairy and kiwifruit industries. Neil and Judy have employed good, competent staff who can be relied upon. We wish them well for the future in their business."

Graeme & Merle Thompson, Kiwifruit Orchardists, RD9, Te Puke
"Judy and the team at Think Water have been an absolute pleasure to deal with and I believe it is mutual when I say that we are more like friends than business acquaintances and that goes for our wives as well. Over the years we have progressively developed and upgraded our kiwifruit orchards and also water services for the dwellings. Think Water has always provided expert advice on the best course of action and timely installation at each stage. And if anything breaks down at midnight then I know I can call Big Pete and he'll have it fixed within the hour. Well not quite, but I know I can count on him to get out of bed to come and help me and that is priceless for us."

John Cameron, Director, Strathallan Farms Group Ltd, Dairyfarmers, Te Puke
"Strathallan Farms has been a long standing customer of Think Water for over 18 years. During this time we have relied on their expertise and service to manage and drive our farming operations. It has been notable for the level of product knowledge they have passed on to us, as we go from project to project. This has ranged from the dairy farm requirements, including water reticulation, farm irrigation, to cowshed fitting and maintenance. Also our horticultural developments, both in avocado's and kiwifruit, they have provided vital levels of support during and after the developments and have been key people we could rely on with each stage. This service has still continued till today. The key development has been the complete development of the Ngati Makino Trust development in partnership with Strathallan Farms, in the setting up of the dairy farm at Otamarakau. This included all of the dairy requirements mentioned above. A big job, done professionally, and on time.

The issues facing Think Water are the number of projects which may change from large scale developments to ones of adding value (i.e. frost protection, subdivision, and dairy shed replacement). All require water and servicing and management, to which they have strong local knowledge. The one thing that makes this company ahead of its game is the key personnel they have. Many (especially Petehave been there for a long time and are prepared to go the extra mile, when required and this certainly has not gone unnoticed from our perspective. We have really appreciated this level of service. This of course has been created by the environment Neil and Judy have in their business. Guiding the business to think, and be positive, yet allowing the staff to grow in their own strengths. They equally have been extremely easy to deal with, in the way the jobs get done and of course they have been extremely competitive in the pricing of these developments. We, at Strathallan Farms, will continue to support Think Water, whilst they continue to provide the level of support and knowledge to our farming businesses, as they have done in the past. We wish them all the best in the future."

Russell West, Orchardist/Grower, West Orchards, Tauranga/Te Puke
"We have employed the services of Think Water since 1999. Over the years they have designed and built two mature vine irrigation systems and a young vine irrigation system for us on 3 Kiwifruit orchards. They have project-managed the construction of three deep wells and have also carried out maintenance and repair works for us on countless occasions on a number of systems and in all cases their work has been timely and of good standard. I have noted over the years with some satisfaction that their work has attempted to build in intelligent fail-safe extras that, hopefully in the future, and has to date, circumvented later failures. Think Water's billing is always accurate, clearly described and easy to follow. Service has always been pleasant, prompt and efficient. We continue to enjoy good relations with all the staff at their shop in Te Puke and doing business with them is always a pleasure."

Steve & Trudi Neill, Te Puke

"I would like to compliment Think Water and particularly Steve on their very efficient service of replacing the tank on our property. Excellent service as we knew where we stood throughout the process and some great coordination with Cheetham excavations.

Irrigation in the Bay of Plenty
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