We have an extensive range of water pumps in the Bay of Plenty

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We have an extensive range of quality products available to purchase in the Bay of Plenty. From water pumps to irrigation systems and frost protection products, we only deal with quality products that you can trust..

Water Pumps

Grundfos is our number one agency for water pumps. We consider Grundfos to be the Rolls-Royce of water pumps and are very proud to represent Grundfos in Te Puke and the Bay of Plenty.
When it comes to moving liquids...No matter what volume, pressure, lift or liquid to be pumped, Grundfos can supply precisely the pump needed for the task in hand. Many users are already familiar with the Grundfos range of household pumps.
From the trusted CH pressure pump to the stainless KP wastewater submersible pump, millions of customers worldwide can testify to the simplicity of installation and reliability of the Grundfos household pumps series.
Water pumps

deep well pump servicing

Frost Protection

So how does frost protection work?

By the look of this photo, you might think these vulnerable vine buds, after being frozen stiff, would have been extensively damaged, if not killed. But appearances can be deceiving...
As the temperature drops towards zero, the vigilant orchardist turns on his first line of defence against a destructive freeze - a sprinkler irrigation system.

The water warms the vines and soil underneath, this conducts some heat through the canes and the buds. As the water cools a thin sheath of ice encloses the young bud growth. The water freezing and turning to ice at zero degrees celsius actually protects the buds and young canes from the chilly air while trapping the plant's heat. The air temperature may continue to drop several degrees below zero but the frozen buds will be maintained at zero degrees and so are protected from destructive lower temperatures and frost burn. It may look goofy, but the technique generally shields the new growth from extensive damage.

Budding time for kiwifruit orchardists is one of the most nerve-wracking times of the year. One unprotected frost bite on a kiwifruit orchard can wipe out a full year of dedication that has included:- irrigating, pollinating, pruning, mulching, thinning, spraying, picking and packing.
The nervous kiwifruit grower never strays far from his temperature gauges and sprinkler switches when overnight frosts are in the offing. Weather forecasts are mandatory daily reading. Sleepless nights are guaranteed....


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Micro Irrigation

Micro irrigation
We Use computer-aided-design to produce very detailed site plans with all the elements required to install a fully functional micro irrigation system, efficiently and most importantly, effectively.
We have intimate knowledge of sprinkler characteristics, pressure and flow rate requirements coupled with water friction loss calculations allowing us to specify the correct pump and pipe sizing to fulfil the needs of the system. It also means we can make allowances and recommendations, if required, to future-proof any particular detail of any given system.


BEACH BORES Papamoa & Mount Maunganui: Includes mileage

                                                                                                   (Price Incl GST)                                                                                                                

  • Bore and PVC Spear only $651.50
  • Bore and DAB Jet Com 102 Pump with No Controller $1100.00
  • Bore and JPC4-47 Grundfos with pressure Controller $1357.00

NOTE: - Bores are drilled down to a maximum depth of 8 metres only. The quality of the water is variable and generally only suitable for garden and lawn irrigation. With over 30 years experience to draw upon when installing these bores.

Water pumps in the Bay of Plenty
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