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At Think Water Bay of Plenty, we cater to the needs of a wide range of domestic and commercial clients in the Bay of Plenty. We cater to dairy farming clients with a range of products required for their work and we also stock a range of water treatment products. For our full product list, contact us today.


At Think Water Bay of Plenty in Te Puke, we stock a full range of common dairy cow milking machine shed parts including:- Claw bowls (blank & complete), claw buttons, seals, valves & valve keepers, rubberware - air tube, bends, claw tubes, jetter cups, joiners, liners, milk tube, plugs, shut-off valves, union seals & washdown hose, stainless steel - clamps, fittings, nipples, pipe, sockets, teat shells, specialist welding service, unions and more.

We are primarily a Milfos Dairy Systems agency, but we can also supply De-Laval, Milkaware and Westfalia-Surge parts if required.

We are also agents & stockists for:- Ambic Teat Spray Guns and Spare Parts, Hi-Tech Effluent Systems, Bauer Effluent Systems, Dosatron Mixing Systems, Dosmatic Mixing Systems, Grundfos Dosing Pumps, McConnell Backing Gate Drives, GEA Farm Technologies, Reid & Harrison Pumps, Rotational Plastics Calf Feeders, Skellerup Rubberware, Williams Engineering Effluent Irrigators & spreaders and various types of washdown pumps.

Calf Milk Pump

Last year, thanks to one of our long-standing New Zealand pump suppliers, we were able to offer a super special deal on stainless steel calf milk pumps. 

Why take your chances buying off dodgy internet traders when you can buy from a long-established company like Think Water Bay of Plenty and have some peace of mind so that if anything goes wrong you will have some comeback. Why lug those heavy milk buckets around the farm when for the very special price you can pump it! With this you can fill up your feeders straight from your tank at the fast flow rate of 160 litres per minute. Save your back and your energy for calf-birthing, digging post holes, shovelling feed or dragging effluent pipes.

Water Treatment (pool chemicals & UV water disinfection)

Pool Chemicals

Pool chemicals
Ensure your pool water is in good condition with our range of water treatment products. We have a wide variety of pool chemicals available and will be happy to advise you on which is suitable for your needs. Contact our team in the Bay of Plenty for more information.

Ultraviolet Water Disinfection

UV water disinfection process
Why do you need an ultraviolet disinfection unit?
There are several common sources of household drinking water.
  1. Town supply. Your water is reticulated directly to your property in an underground network installed, maintained and treated by a public utility organisation. Usually your local council and you pay rates that cover the cost of the infrastructure.
  2. Rain water. This is usually harvested from your roof and stored in a tank then pumped into your house.
  3. Bore water. Depending on the depth of bore, this will either be pulled from the ground using a surface-mounted pump or in the case of deep wells the water will be pushed up using a submersible pump immersed in the water aquifer. In either case the water may be pumped directly to the house or else more commonly stored in a tank and then pumped to the house.
  4. River or stream water. Depending on the elevation difference between the stream and the house, this water will be pumped directly to the house or once again stored in a tank and then pumped to the house.
  5. Lake or pond water. As per 4 above.
So, what are the pitfalls associated with these water sources?
  1. Generally, if your water is from a local authority, you should be confident that it meets drinking water standards prescribed by the Health Department. However there are some areas where people are not happy with council water and they will take further steps to improve the taste and odour of their water. If this is necessary we can advise on available options.


Soak hole
We have a special rig that allows us to drill storm water soak holes even in situations where access or overhead space is limited. Our drilling augur leaves a hole that is approximately 600mm diameter. We can supply and fit concrete lids to suit your intended use of the hole. The standard lid is 1200mm diameter and about 90mm thick with two wire lifting handles. They are made with steel reinforcing mesh cast throughout.

       1.SOAK HOLE ONLY: $184.00

       2.SOAK HOLE & SUPPLY A LID:$ 345.00

       3.SOAK HOLE & SUPPLY A OFFAL LID:$ 345.00

                       (Prices inc.GST)

NOTE: - Our soak holes are approximately 600mm diameter and drilled to a maximum depth of 5 metres. Basic lid is 1200mm diameter x 90mm thick reinforced concrete. 
Mileage Additional

Shop Showroom

We have a fully stocked showroom on the corner of Jellicoe Street & Boucher Avenue in Te Puke, catering to clients in the Bay of Plenty. We stock a good range of top quality Aegis Oil, Pipe & Fittings, PVC & DWV pipe fittings, VEE BELTS & water storage tanks.
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